Greenmount 5

At Greenmount, we apply advanced technology.

Regardless of the project size we provide CDM Administrator services at any point of the development and construction process. These services are designed to contribute to Health and Safety design considerations, as well as help and advise you in fulfilling your duties under the regulations.

  • Project Co-ordination
  • Risk Management And Programming
  • Contract Adminstration
  • Construction Monitoring And Control

All types of construction projects including civil works new builds structural works demolition and drainage works are undertaken by the construction division.

Led by the Operations Director and supported by senior experienced, knowledgeable managers, we pride ourselves on solution finding and a non contractual support mechanism to assist our clients during, at times challenging circumstances.

First and foremost is a safe site environment, where the zero tolerance to noncompliance is evident in all we do! Our duty of care provides a procedural right first time culture, from the top of the company down to the apprentices.

From tendered opportunities to design and build projects directly delivered by our in house labour organisation, Greenmount give confidence to clients who have put trust in Team GP to deliver complex projects utilising our ability to understand a projects needs, and by having the openness for sharing technical and commercial knowledge within the project team.

This collaborative sustainable approach working in close partnering arrangements, has meant that we have successfully been included on a number of frameworks, through this type of procurement.
We consider ourselves to be a company who is continually striving to be at the forefront of the construction industry and aim to deliver all projects on time and within budget.